Among other planets orbiting the solar system is Qkozo, the native world of Rey Imin (temporarily residing in Minneapolis as a humble, industrious church janitor and assigned the title of Churchman), but also his parents Drox and Kholy Imin, older sister Spry, wife Lulta, and best friend Boja. More than 90 million miles from Earth, and significantly smaller than Mercury, Qkozo (referred to as “Planet +?” by astronomers), is one-sixth the size of Earth and only accessible by special spacecrafts like Churchman’s Urthship or a form of space travel called optispatum. Consummately distanced in relation to the Sun, it has a protective empyrean and four seasons, which sustain a variety of life forms. Superlatively advanced, Qkozo, with three continents and multitudinous islands, is domain organized and governed. Domain 1, called D1-Qzo, is the seat of authority, with a population of 730,000 Qkozoans.